Acquire and retain your ideal customers. Grow wallet share.

Predictive analytics for direct marketing.


Ensure you drive the direct marketing results you need. Through our scientific approach, we will help you find your ideal customers by pinpointing the best prospects available. Harness the power of predictive modeling. Gain greater insights, improve customer intelligence, and boost response.

Acquire new customers.

Target prospects who look like your best customers. Estimate demand for your product or service across the country. Discover untapped opportunities for customer acquisition. We will help you create a steady stream of new, high-value customers that improves over time. 

Retain your current customers.

Increase profitability by improving customer retention. Sending the same retention promotion to all your customers or everyone within a demographic segment is a mistake. Discover who are the right customers to target with retention promotions and what actions cause customers to leave. 

Grow wallet share with your customers.

Increase wallet share with your customers using data and science. A Predictive Modeling approach will help you with your upsell and cross-sell initiatives. Gain greater insight into your customers' interests and discover what additional products and services they are willing to purchase.

Never guess again.

Always know who to target when we help you using our scientific approach and dependable data.

Our team will help you boost your response rate and improve ROI.