Mortgage Data

Make your marketing to the homeowner population more accurate and effective. 

Build a targeted marketing list using hundreds of data elements like dates, interest rates, demographics, and equity amounts. Access 71 million people in over 68 million households to maximize your marketing performance. This marketing database will help you get the results you need.

High-quality data should be the foundation of your data-driven marketing strategy.

Popular data elements:

  • Mortgage-related (mortgage amount, date, lender, interest rate, etc.)

  • Property data (home value, number of bedrooms, etc.)

  • Absentee Owners

  • Demographics (age, income, marital status)

  • Property values

  • Amount of equity and more

This database is one of the largest compiled databases of its kind in the industry and covers all 50 states.

We update this database quarterly. In doing so, all addresses are validated to confirm each address is an actual delivery point.

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Build a targeted homeowner mailing list based on accurate and dependable homeowner and property data.

  • Target verified homeowners where they live

  • Build Absentee Owner or Owner-Occupied Property Lists

  • Reach your ideal homeowners using demographic attributes

  • Go beyond demographics by using specific property data.

Reach the right people using precision mortgage data for your mailing lists.

  • Mortgage Amount

  • Mortgage Date

  • Loan-to-Value and more

Check out our DTS Mortgage Data Sheet.

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Reach the right prospects.

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