Data Hygiene

Clean Up Your Customer Data


Data that isn’t maintained and cleaned on a regular basis can lead to reduced ROI, more money spent on postage and printing, and missed opportunities with your ideal customers. Data hygiene is a critical step in smart marketing.

Use DTS Hygiene Services to help you:

  • Validate, correct, and standardize formatting of mailing addresses.

  • Update your customers and contacts’ addresses after they move.

    • 18-month processing

  • Run Duplicate Elimination on your data to help create a single view of the customer..

Ensure your customer database has only clean, high quality data.

Imagine. . .

  • your data being more accurate, trustworthy, and useful.

  • getting higher deliverability rates.

  • saving money and reaching your target audience.

Our attentive staff will help you focus on the data hygiene services your company needs.

Clean Up The dirty data in your crM With Our Help.

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“Data Targeting Solutions aimed at cleaning up our database in order for us to provide improved quality of services to our clients. They appended our data with correct addresses and company information which will help us qualify our clients for different services that we offer. Karl and his team were most appreciated because of their quick responsiveness during the course of the project.”
— Maria Masoodi, Performance Coach, Dale Carnegie Training of Central Ohio