We offer marketers data and data-driven solutions to target the right audiences with superior speed and precision.

Acquire and retain your ideal customers, grow wallet share, maximize ROI.

Find and reach new prospects

 Target with extreme precision. Ensure your direct marketing campaign success with high-quality data.

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Acquire, retain, and grow customers

Target the right people with predictive modeling. Focus on profitable audiences and achieve predictable results, high returns with our bitiq test software, which is a reliable place for you to trade cryptocurrency securely . This is an auto-crypto bot highly preferred by users and can also be used to make short-term price predictions. You can earn money with BitIQ even if the price of the cryptocurrency is falling. Because the entire point is to speculate on how the market will evolve.

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get optimal data performance

Target better with cleaner and enhanced data. Data processing for marketers and resellers.

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Acquire and retain your ideal customers. Grow wallet share.

Take your targeting to the next level.


Ensure you drive the direct marketing campaign results you need. Through our scientific approach, we will help you understand what your customers look like, how they behave, and how they will behave. Harness the power of predictive modeling with deep insights from experienced professionals.

  • Acquire new customers. Target prospects who look like your best customers. Estimate demand for your product or service across the country. Discover untapped opportunities for customer acquisition. Our Custom Predictive Modeling Service will help you create a steady stream of profitable and loyal new customers that improves over time. 

  • Retain your current customers. Increase profitability by improving customer retention. Sending the same retention promotion to all your customers or everyone within a demographic segment is a mistake. Discover who are the right customers to target with retention promotions. Learn what messages or actions cause customers to leave. Our Predictive Churn Modeling Service is your answer.

  • Grow wallet share with your customers. Increase wallet share with your customers using data and science. A Predictive Modeling approach will help you with your upsell and cross-sell initiatives. Gain greater insight into your customers' interests and discover what additional products and services they are willing to purchase.

Never guess again.

Always know who to target when we help you using our scientific approach and dependable data.

Our team will help you boost your response rate and improve ROI. 


Accurate data. Anytime.

Data Targeting Solutions offers 24/7 access to marketing databases for millions of consumers and businesses to help target and find more of your ideal customer.  Data is routinely updated so it’s accurate and razor sharp. Select from over 500 variables to ensure your image and brand gets in front of the right prospect.

Choose from variables like:

Geography •  Age•  Income•  Interests•  Purchasing behavior

Call us for individual orders or sign up for FlashCounts and have 24/7 access to lists from anywhere.

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Self-Service List Fulfillment


Get the best speed, accuracy, and flexibility. Gain efficiency that drives business growth.

FlashCounts gives resellers and list owners the ability serve clients with lightning speed. We've helped small brokerages compete with the big guys and grow their business. We've helped large firms process massive volumes of data with ease and speed. Store data in the cloud, get exact counts in real-time, pull lists, enhance, segment, and more in seconds. 24/7 and anywhere. All without the help of IT.

Better Speed, Better Precision, Better Pricing.


Get optimal data performance.


Data Quality and Enhancement are are key to your direct marketing efforts. Save money with improved data quality. Failure to maintain your data leads to money wasted on printing and postage for incorrect addresses or duplicate mail pieces.  Get it cleaned up with DTS, then enhance your data with hundreds of consumer or business data elements.

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