Merge/Purge and Deduplication

Combine and Streamline your data.

Improve the quality of your list and maximize its effectiveness with DTSFusion.  We provide merge/purge services that uses our proprietary algorithms incorporating fuzzy logic to pin point and throw out any duplicates within a mailing list, leaving you with a higher quality database.  We catch misspelled names and addresses, nicknames, abbreviations, and much more, helping you save money, target better, and increase revenue.

Have inconsistencies and customers spread over multiple lists with different data on each?  We can find and merge different abbreviations, full names for the same companies, and more on varying formats so you can get one clean list quickly and accurately. 

We have you covered. 

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“As a startup we’re faced with many challenges. As a result we find ourselves running at breakneck speed down multiple lanes at once, building out product, establishing sales, nurturing new partnerships, and of course, keeping the coffee pot clean and full. We asked Data Targeting Solutions to help us with a large merge-purge, well over a billion records, and the results were outstanding. Karl and team were excellent from day one at communicating with us about all phases of the project; ensuring the requirements were clear, laying out timeframes and milestones, and reviewing the reports with us so that all our questions were answered. They are an excellent team and we were thrilled with the results. Thanks guys!”
— Director of Products for a fast-growing Tech Startup