Small Business

As a small business or local business owner, you have a tough job. You have a limited budget so you can't waste time on the wrong marketing strategies. You need simple, proven methods to get a steady stream of new customers each month.


Marketing Data

Power your marketing efforts with the highest quality marketing data. We update our data routinely so it’s accurate and razor sharp. Select from hundreds of variables to ensure your image and brand gets in front of the right prospect.

Email Marketing

Reach the right inboxes with email marketing. Using opt-in email data, we deploy your message for you and ensure the right people get it. Our email data has been voluntarily opted-in by individuals and triple-verified, making it both reliable and responsive. This cost-effective method can bring you remarkable results and, when combined with direct mail, creates a synergistic multi-channel effect that optimizes reach and maximizes response.

Data Quality & enhancement

You have tons of data on your customers or members. You're using it, but feel there's more potential. You're also aware that data gets old and degrades in quality. Get a single view of your customer, keep your data up to date, and enhance your data with industry-leading third party data.

  • DTSFusion enables you to get a single view of the customer. Merge duplicate records and eliminate extra ones.
  • Address Update and Verification to increase deliverability and save money.
  • DTSEnhance provides you with greater insight and ways to reach your customers.