Agencies have a tough job. With stiff competition and demanding clients, you have got to stay cutting edge. You need to be data-driven and want a good partner you can depend on. We are your answer.


marketing data

Data Targeting Solutions offers 24/7 access to marketing databases for millions of consumers and businesses to help target and find more of your ideal customer.  Data is routinely updated so it’s accurate and razor sharp. Select from over 500 variables to ensure your image and brand gets in front of the right prospect.

email marketing

We will help you help your clients reach the right inboxes with email marketing. Using opt-in email data, we deploy your message for you and ensure the right people get it. Our email data has been voluntarily opted-in by individuals and triple-verified, making it both reliable and responsive. This cost-effective method can bring your client remarkable results and, when combined with direct mail, creates a synergistic multi-channel effect that optimizes reach and maximizes response.

data processing

As a marketing professional, you know that data quality matters and your client needs a single view of the customer. Our proprietary software consistently outperforms the competition and can help your agency stand apart.

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