Data Enhancement

Understand Your Customers Better with Precision Data Append Services


Your marketing data will become more effective and accurate when you close the gaps using data enhancement. DTS Enhance can append from hundreds of data elements using our proprietary software incorporating fuzzy logic to make your data strong, precise, and reliable.  

  • Less over and under matching.  Fuzzy logic brings together records that are close, but not exact.  Misspellings?  Nicknames?  No problem.

  • Identify customer attributes. Choose different enhancements to add to your existing data to find out more about them.

  • Increase your ROI.  Target your ideal customer in a smarter way when you add more attributes.

Popular Data Append Options:

  • Demographic Append

  • Firmographic Append

  • Phone Append

  • Reverse Phone Append

  • Email Append

  • Reverse Email Append

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Consumer Data Append Services

Take a step toward improving your customer insights. We can help you with consumer demographic, interest, or hobby information.

Find more ways to contact your current customers. Or, correct any bad contact data you have on them.

Get phone appends, reverse phone appends, and reverse email appends done for you quickly and accurately.

B2B Data Append Services

Marketing and selling to businesses can be tough. You don’t have time to waste and can’t afford to miss big opportunities.

Fill in the gaps with accurate firmographic data you can trust. Our attentive staff will help you using our proprietary software, which has been proven reliable.

Need to improve your contact data?

We’ll get you the phone numbers and email addresses you need to do your job.

Improve the power for your customer file.

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“Data Targeting Solutions aimed at cleaning up our database in order for us to provide improved quality of services to our clients. They appended our data with correct addresses and company information which will help us qualify our clients for different services that we offer. Karl and his team were most appreciated because of their quick responsiveness during the course of the project.”
— Maria Masoodi, Performance Coach, Dale Carnegie Training of Central Ohio