Resellers and List Owners

As a reseller or list owner in the direct marketing industry, you know that quality and speed matter. You want options. You want results. You want a service bureau that has your back and can help you deliver. We are your answer.



With FlashCounts, list resellers and managers can serve clients with lightning speed. You can store data in the cloud, pull lists, get exact counts, and get orders sent to your desktop 24/7. You can also gain access to our national databases. This system is ideal for the experienced list broker who needs to process large, complex orders regularly.

Marketing Data

Data Targeting Solutions offers 24/7 access to marketing databases for millions of consumers and businesses to help target and find more of your ideal customer.  Data is routinely updated so it’s accurate and razor sharp. Select from over 500 variables to ensure your image and brand gets in front of the right prospect.

data processing

As an experienced direct marketing professional, you know that experience and accuracy are paramount in this area. Our proprietary software consistently outperforms the competition. From NCOA and CASS to Merge-Perge and Data Appends, we're here to help you get results for your clients. 

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