We are a data marketing and analytics company delivering the highest quality data, services, and solutions so our clients can target better, market smarter, and grow faster. And with our proven methodology for predictive marketing, we empower marketers to reach the right people with greater precision.

We started as a service bureau in 2002, fulfilling the data processing needs of a national credit bureau and various data providers. This gave us a solid foundation for our work with marketers today--part of a new chapter that began in 2015.

We offer marketers data and data-driven solutions to target the right audiences with superior speed and precision. We help them acquire and retain their ideal customers, grow wallet share, and maximize ROI.

We believe targeting the right people is key to your direct marketing success. Through our consultative approach, we'll help you find those people.

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Take care of your data marketing and Analytics needs all in one place.

  • Data - Highly targeted data for precision direct marketing.

  • Data Processing

    • Services - Powerful Suite of Data Enhancement & Data Hygiene services gets you precision results.

    • Software - FlashCounts List Rental Platform for fast and accurate orders.

  • Predictive Modeling - Gain predictive insights and target the right people to boost response and improve ROI.

    • Acquire new customers.

    • Retain your current customers.

    • Grow wallet share with your customers.


Faster turnaround on your orders and projects.


Highly targeted data and predictive modeling to reach the right people.

A Few Testimonials. . .

You are amazing! Please thank your team. . .
— VP of Digital Commerce, an international retailer
...they have made our process much more efficient and reliable - and because of that, profitable.”
— Paul Wilbur, COO, FRANdata
“I’ve really learned to trust Data Targeting Solutions when looking for targeted mail lists. My customers trust me to get their mail in front of the right people, so in turn I need someone I can trust to support me.” 
— Judd P., President, a Printing Company in the Midwest

We are a proud member of the Data & Marketing Association, a division of the Association of National Advertisers.

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