Acquire and retain your ideal customers. Grow wallet share.

Take your targeting to the next level.

Ensure you drive the direct marketing campaign results you need. We will help you understand what your customers look like, how they behave, and how they will behave. Harness the power of predictive modeling. Extract greater insight from your data. Get better results.  

  • Acquire new customers. Target prospects who look like your best customers. Estimate demand for your product or service across the country. Discover untapped opportunities for customer acquisition. Our Custom Predictive Modeling Service will help you create a steady stream of profitable and loyal new customers that improves over time. 

    • Target for response, profitability, or anything else. We will help you achieve your goals.

    • Focus on the prospects or customers with a higher propensity-to-purchase to maximize response rate and marketing ROI.

    • Create an acquisition system powered by predictive modeling.

  • Retain your current customers. Increase profitability by improving customer retention. Sending the same retention promotion to all your customers or everyone within a demographic segment is a mistake. Discover who are the right customers to target with retention promotions. Learn what messages or actions cause customers to leave. Our Predictive Churn Modeling Service is your answer.

    • Learn who are your most loyal customers and who is likely to defect. 

    • Learn what causes customers to leave and create a plan of action.

    • Determine the right timing for your retention promotions.

    • Create a customer retention system powered by predictive modeling.

  • Grow wallet share with your customers. Increase wallet share with your customers using data and science. A Predictive Modeling approach will help you with your upsell and cross-sell initiatives. Gain greater insight into your customers' interests and discover what additional products and services they are willing to purchase.

    • Anticipate customer needs and desires.

    • Use historical purchase behavior to predict the best offers to present.

    • Discover propensity-to-purchase patterns that lead to increased wallet share and loyalty.

    • Create a wallet share growth system powered by predictive modeling.

We ensure you maximize response and improve Marketing ROI.


Improve results over time with our Predictive Learning Cycle feedback loop.

Available Services:

  • Custom Predictive Models. Target the prospects most likely to become customers. We'll build you a custom model, then score a larger data set so you can mail only those people most likely to respond to your offer. We can also help you reduce customer attrition and improve cross-sell and upsell initiatives. Save money, increase response rate, get a great ROI.

    • Demand/Look-alike Modeling
    • Response Modeling (single & multi-stage)
    • Predictive Churn/Attrition Modeling (single & multi-stage)
    • Upsell Modeling (single & multi-stage)
    • Cross-sell Modeling (single & multi-stage)
  • Profiling. Discover your customer or response profile. Customer profiles describe your current customer. Response profiles identify the profile(s) of the prospects who responded to a campaign or made a purchase.  This information empowers you to target similar prospects, leading to improved campaign results.

  • Segmentation. Learn what your customers look like beyond simple segmentation. Using cluster analysis or multi-variate analysis, we can help you create a true segmentation beyond what you assume your customers look like. Armed with this information, you can craft more personalized campaigns. We also conduct multi-variate segmentation with each custom model build.

With an annual partnership plan, you get ongoing consultation to refine and improve upon models to get you better results. We help you with data-driven tactics to optimize your creative. And we do site visits to better partner with your employees and solve your problems

Our team will help you target better and customize your marketing campaign, improving response rates, lowering costs, and improving ROI.