5 Free Tools That Will Boost Your Email Results

5 Free Tools That Will Boost Your Email Results

(Updated 3/26/18)


Email is essential to the success of marketing and sales professionals. But with customers' email volume increasing, it's becoming more difficult to stand out in the inbox. To stand out, get your emails read, and make a meaningful connection with your audience, you must use the right tools. And when some of those tools are free, it's a no-brainer.

If you're in sales or marketing, use these five free tools to boost your email results.


1. Headline Analyzer by CoSchedule

Headline Analyzer provides a comprehensive analysis of your subject line. Frankly, it's incredible and the best analyzer we've seen. We were almost in disbelief when we discovered it. This tool doesn't just give you a score and a few vague bullet points. Rather, it offers you detailed feedback such as the types words to include, the length, and how it looks in the inbox. The Headline Analyzer will give you a score based on a 100-point scale and offer you great feedback to refine your line. Plus, it works for any type of headline. This blog post's title scored a 79.

Update: CoSchedule just released a new Email Subject Line Tester and it's fantastic. It works the same way as their Headline Analyzer, but the feedback is customized for emails. For example, they point out words in your subject line that will either increase or decrease opens. You'll receive a score from this tool as well. We received a 65 when we used this blog post's title as an email subject line. So, you can see there's a difference in scoring between the two tools.

Our Recommendation: Use this tool for blog post titles, social messages, and even sales letters. Use the Email Subject Line Tester for emails subject lines.


2. Discoverly

When you're email prospecting cold contacts, any insight you can gain on an individual helps enormously. The more you know about them, the more you can personalize the message. That's why you need a tool like Discoverly. Once you enter your contact's email address, this Chrome extension displays their social media profiles and mutual connections. Though Rapportive was great and our favorite for years, it looks like it might only work with a paid plan from LinkedIn now. (Update: LinkedIn recently announced a they released a free Chrome extension, Sales Navigator Lite, which replaced Rapportive. We use it and love it)

Our Recommendation: Use this tool for email prospecting or whenever you want to see the social profile(s) of a contact. Also, try out the new Sales Navigator Light.


3. Crystal

Though Discoverly leads you to your contacts' social media profile(s), the information you see is essentially "raw data." Crystal, on the other hand, gives you insight. It also goes way beyond what you'd expect. While we call it amazing, others may view it as creepy. This Chrome extension helps you craft the right message by scraping public data and providing insight into your contact's personality based on the DISC assessment

Crystal is free for personal use, but you may like it so much that you choose to upgrade to a paid plan.

Our Recommendation: Use this tool for email prospecting or whenever you want to understand one of your contacts better.


4. Hemingway App

The Hemingway App will clean up your email messages like nothing else out there. Go beyond checks for spelling and grammar. Use this web app when editing your work to discover where you can improve readability.

The app identifies when you use the passive voice and words that reduce your message's clarity. It also points out sentences that aren't necessarily bad, but are more complex and harder to read. It's ideal when you want to craft a simple, easy-to-read message.

Don't make your email hard to read and disengaging. The Hemingway App will make the content of your email more clear, concise, and effective.

Our Recommendation: Use this tool when editing your email marketing messages and longer one-on-one emails. Also, consider using it for blog posts, but stick to Microsoft Word's editor for content covering weightier topics.


5. Email Template Generator by contactually

Lastly, Email Template Generator from Contactually is another free tool for your kit. Though we recommend personalizing your emails and using your own creativity, sometimes you get stuck and need some ideas. This tool can help get you unstuck. It lets you select from a list of audiences, then a list of purposes for your email. From there, you get a template where you simply fill in the blanks and send it off. Again, we recommend you personalize and edit your email as you would any other email.

Our Recommendation: Use this when you're stuck and need some ideas to get going.



You have a tough job and need to get a leg up anytime you can. We hope you check these tools out and start seeing results. 


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